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  • Abumi-guchi – A furry creature formed from the stirrup of a mounted military commander who worked for Yamata no Orochi.
  • Akabeko – A red cow involved in the construction of Enzō-ji in Yanaizu, Fukushima.
  • Akashita – A creature that looms in a black cloud over a floodgate.
  • Akateko – A red hand dangling out of a tree.
  • Akkorokamui – An Ainu monster resembling a fish or octopus.
  • Akurojin-no-hi – A ghostly fire from Mie Prefecture.
  • Akubōzu –Akubōzu, live in the ashes of hearths, they are from Akita and Iwate.
  • Amabie – A Japanese mermaid yokai.
  • Amemasu – An Ainu creature resembling a fish or whale.
  • Amorōnagu – A Tennyo from the island of Amami Ōshima.
  • Aobōzu – The blue monk who kidnaps children.
  • Aosaginohi – A luminescent heron..
  • Ashinagatenaga – A pair of characters, one with long legs and the other with long arms.


  • Bake-kujira – A ghostly whale skeleton that drifts along the coastline of Shimane Prefecture.
  • Bakeneko – A shape-shifting cat.
  • Basan – A large fire-breathing chicken monster.
  • Biwa-bokuboku – Animated biwa lute.
  • Byakko – Japanese version of the Chinese White Tiger.
  • Byōbunozoki - Tsukumogami that emerges from byōbu to peep on people.


  • Chōchinobake – A possessed chōchin lantern.
  • Chōchinbi – Demonic flames which appear in footpaths between rice-fields.


  • Daidarabotchi – A giant responsible for creating the geographical features of Japan.
  • Daitengu – The most powerful tengu, each of whom lives on a separate mountain.
  • Danzaburou-danuki – a bake-danuki from Sado Island.
  • Datsue-ba – An old woman in the Underworld who removes clothes (or skin if unclothed) of the dead.
  • Dōnotsura – A headless humanlike yōkai with its face on its torso.


  • Enenra – A monster made of smoke.
  • Enkō – Kappa of Shikoku and western Honshū.


  • Fūri – A monkey-like yokai..
  • Furaribi – A creature engulfed in flames that flies aimlessly.
  • Furutsubaki-no-rei – A soul-sucking plant.
  • Furu-utsubo – A beloved quiver of slain archers.
  • Futakuchi-onna – The two-mouthed woman.


  • Genbu – Japanese version of the Chinese Black Tortoise.


  • Hachishaku-sama – A woman that is 8 feet tall and famous by kidnapping children.
  • Hakutaku – A yak-like beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits.
  • Haradashi – A creature with a giant face on its stomach.
  • Harionago – A woman with a thorn-like barb on the tip of each strand of her hair.
  • Hashihime – A woman-turned-spirit associated with the bridge at Uji.
  • Heikegani – Crabs with human-faced shells. 
  • Hibagon – The Japanese version of the Bigfoot or the Yeti.
  • Hihi – A baboon-like Chinese yokai.
  • Hone-onna – The skeleton-woman.
  • Hō-ō – The legendary Fenghuang bird of China.
  • Hyōsube – A kind of hair-covered Kappa.


  • Ibaraki-doji – Offspring of an oni.
  • Isonade – A fish-like sea monster with a barb-covered tail.
  • Itsumade – A fire-breathing birdlike monster.


  • Jinmenken - A human-faced dog.
  • Jishin-namazu – A giant catfish that causes soposedly earthquakes and tsunami. 
  • Jorōgumo – A spider-woman.


  • Kamaitachi – a slashing sickle-clawed weasel.
  • Kamikiri - A yokai that secretly cut people's hair.
  • Kappa – A famous water monster with a water-filled head and a love of cucumbers.
  • Karura – Anthropomorphic eagle akin to the Hindu Garuda.
  • Kasa-obake – A  paper umbrella monster...
  • Keukegen – A small dog-like creature covered entirely in long hair.
  • Kirin – The Japanese version of the Qilin of China, which is part dragon and part deer with antlers, fish scales and an ox's tail. Said to be a protective creature and the guardian of the metal element.
  • Kokakuchō – The Ubume bird.
  • Komainu – The pair of lion-dogs that guard the entrances of temples.
  • Konaki-jiji – This yokai disguises itself as an abandoned baby then cries until someone picks it up.
  • Konoha-tengu – A bird-like Tengu.