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Featured articles on Cryptid Wiki are considered to be quality articles this Wiki has to offer, as determined by editors. They are used by editors as examples for writing other articles. Before being listed here, articles are reviewed as featured article nominees for accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and/or style.

Below is a list of all of Cryptid Wiki's featured articles in chronological order.


April~ Loch Ness Monster

May~ Bigfoot/Loch Ness Monster

June~ Big Bird

July~ Sewer Monster & Nabau

August~ Chupacabra

 September~  Orang Gadang

October~ Tengu

November~  Wendigo

December~ Yeti


January~  Mokele Mbembe

February~ Giant Indian Bipedal Lizard

March~ Loveland Frogmen

April~ Sakhalin Island

May~  Flatwoods Monster

June~ Mannegishi

July~ Mannegishi

August~ Namibian Flying Snake

September~  Venezuelan Hairy Dwarves

October~ Umdhlebi

November~ Lake Monsters

December~ White Things


January~ Averasboro Gallinipper

February~ J'ba FoFi

March~ Crazy Critter of Bald Mountain

April~ Lost Tapes

May~ Obojoki

June~ Mothman

July~ Garson Invaders

August~ Aidakhar

September~ Ennedi Tiger

October~ Black Shuck

November~  Genoskwa

December~ Zanfretta's Aliens


January~ Kon Tiki Creatures

February~ Harikikigaki

March - Snallyghaster

April - Sazae-oni

May~ Mahamba

June~ Giant Snake of Mt. Tsurugi

July~ Gumberoo

August~ Mihirung Paringmal

September~ Ban-Manush

October~ Ban-Manush

November~ Abatwa

December~ New Delhi Celestial Serpent


January~ A'tix

February~ Alovot

  March~ Trotterhead

 April~ Slothfoot

May~ Alkali lake monster

June~ Glacier Island Carcass

July~ Cryptids of the Andaman Islands

August~ Cryptid Wiki 10 year anniversary

September~ Area 51

October~ Waterford Sheepman

November~ Types of Yetis

December~ Beast of Sherman


January~ Snow Snake

February~ Ciguapas

March~ Beast of Boonville

April~ Yowie

May~ Lougarou

June~ Mapinguari

July~ Domenech's Pseudo-goat

August~ Zana

September~ Tripodero

October~ Kaftar

November~ Oldeani Monster

December~ Oldeani Monster


January~ Sivathere

February~ Snoligoster

March~ Kushtaka

April~ Washoriwe

May~ Godzilla Film Franchise & Cryptozoology

June~ River Dinos

July~ Mulilo