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The Lincolnshire Dogman is a little known potential werewolf seen in and around the Lincolnshire area, a county within England. It has been seen multiple times throughout history, dating back to the late 1600s and has been sighted as recently as 2021. Notably, in spite of its name there have been sightings (and more worryingly, violent attacks) around Sheffield.

While for the most part it is seemingly passive, there have been reports of it attacking humans on occasion. It is speculated that it lives mostly on a diet of local wildlife (rabbits, rats, pigeons, etc.) with the few rare cases of human attacks, these being acts of desperation or opportunistic predation. This much is assumed due to the relatively high amount of survived encounters people have had with the creature. There is currently a belief amongst cryptozoologists that they may have migrated to North America, with a plethora of sightings around the Ohio and Michigan area of this visually distinct creature.

It should also be noted that they, unlike other werewolves, have an aversion to vinegar. To such an extent that they have been recorded fleeing from urban areas due to the prevalence of it in small town England.



It is described as ranging between 5 to 7 feet tall with a lithe build akin to a thin but muscular man. The torso is noted to be particularly human-like with all other features being distinctly more canine in nature. More recent reports note it being a "Tall beast, standing something a bit short of 6ft with a dog like head and short wiry fur like you'd see on a staffy." Staffy here being a shortening of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier's name, a breed of dog with features in line with the rest of the bull terrier breeds. Further questioning of this report went on to specify: "It's head was stubby, like a staffy, with a short sturdy looking snout and clear protusions in and about 'his' eye area. You couldn't mistake it for any old werewolf, this thing was local."

There seem to be clear morphological variations from the more common werewolf sightings, suggesting a biological distinction. That, or if we are to go on dog-breed theory it might well be an offshoot breed.

Its sound has been noted to sound "Like a strained howling", as if "it was struggling to get sounds out properly." This could however be due to an injured creature in this instance as other reports have been conflicting.