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This page is about the Fearsome Critter, Not to be mistaken for the Leprechaun, of Irish origins.


Fearsome critters - (1910)

The Leprocaun (Simiidiabolus hibernicus horribillis) is a fearsome critter from North America.

During the early days of Upper Canada, before it became the Providence of Ontario, they were brought into a logging camp on the Madawaska River - several young Leprocauns from the north of Ireland. This animal was rare even then and has since become extinct in its native land. It is said that during the last famine, hungry Irishmen killed and ate the few remaining specimens of this queer beast.

On its native bogs, the leprocauns were harmless creatures, celebrated for its playfulness and laughable antics. It would hop across the bogs, turn somersaults, and leap over hillocks with wondrous agility. A favorite trick was to bore into a pile of drying peat and then, with a sudden spring, send the clods of peat high in the air until the commotion looked like a young cyclone. These antics were alright enough in Ireland, but when the animal was brought to Canada, its disposition changed at once.

The pets on the Madawaska escaped into nearby tamarack swamps, increasing and spreading until an occasional one was seen on the upper Ottawa and even over in northern Michigan. Sneaking through the tamarack and cedar, or leaping across the muskegs after whatever appealed to it as food, the leprocaun became a creature to be feared and avoided. Teamsters toting supplies across swamp roads have been attacked by the animal, which would bound clear over the load, snapping its teeth at the driver and reaching for him with its villainous claws. Hasty flight to thick timber, leaving the team to its fate, was the only choice of the driver, who thanked his stars that in running through tangled tamarack even the leprocaun is no match for a frightened man.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 8.44

Close up of the leprocaun (1910)


Leprocaun as it appears in "Fearsome Creatures "-(2015)

Leprocaun recent

Leprocaun as of now. (This is the original pic from the book. The Deviantart version of Leprocaun above is the same but the difference is that he has white pupils)

The Leprocaun returns in the 2015 horror inspired remake "Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods", its scientific name is Pygmailicius hibernicus. The Leprocaun is a humanoid with a large black afro and beard with earrings, large horns, badly sewn shirts, trousers made from rat skin, shoes made of hamster skulls, sharp finger and toe nails, pimples all over the body and a sadistic sharp-toothed grin. The Leprocaun is said to be closely related to the more famous leprechaun and even resembles the leprechaun to an extent, but the Leprocaun is uglier and more savage looking, and the Leprocaun is poorer and less obsessed with marshmallows. Catching the leprechaun gets those who caught it a pot of gold, while catching the Leprocaun gives its captors fleas and a nasty rash. The Leprocaun's behavior is a lot more worse as its diet now consists of human noses and ears, which are those stolen from corpses, and has a major alcoholism for whiskey. Asides from playing haunting melodies on cat-tail reed pipes as a noted skill, the Leprocaun is content of doing little tricks back in Ireland before its extinction by replacing key rings with rings made of braided tapeworms. But now in Canada, the Leprocaun is more nefarious as it has the skill of making false noses and ears made of Muenster cheese, made from between their hideous toes, and while eating the noses and ears from their human victims, calling this act as revenge for the massacres and extinctions they suffered back at Ireland, and while they talk about this, they show the half-chewed organs in their vile little mouths while spraying cartilage bits everywhere.

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