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Hairy dw

Eyewitness's rendering of the creature

The Lautoka Dwarves are strange, hairy humanoid creatures sighted in Lautoka, Fiji.

The Sighting[]


Lautoka, where the sighting occurred.

Students from Lautoka Methodist School reported seeing about eight mysterious little figures, believed to be dwarves, in reeds near the school.

The figures, about 2ft in height and covered with black hair, hastily moved away into nearby bushes when the children began to approach them.

The students' excitement brought more students and teachers from the Methodist school and the nearby Lautoka Fijian School.

Scores of neighbours rushed to the scene as the news spread. The "dwarfs" seemed to have jumped into a pit near the bush, but upon investigation none of them could be found there, the headteacher of the Methodist school, Mr. Sadanand Narayan, said.

¨Since the sighting on Wednesday afternoon, dozens of people have been gathering near the pit in the expectation of the dwarfs reappearing. Some, with the fear that the ´little men´ might be harmful, sit there for hours armed with torches and sticks.