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An artist's illustration of Rodhocetus, a possible explanation of the Lake Tahoe monster.

Description A large scaleless crocodile-like amphibious carnivore
First Sighting 1950s
Last Sighting Ongoing
Country United States (Lake Tahoe)
Habitat Freshwater, rocky and dirt shorelines

The Lake Tahoe monster is a cryptid that is said to be swimming in Lake Tahoe and Nevada and California. It is often said to resemble a crocodile without armor or scales, and instead having smooth, possibly furry, streamlined body. It is also reported to swim up and down in a manner like an otter instead of the side-by-side swimming motion of crocodilians. It was first sighted in the 1950s by a yet-to-be-identified family who first saw an unidentified amphibious scaleless creature claiming to be a sort-of mammalian crocodile.


  • The Lake Tahoe monster may be a living descendant of early Eocene whales such as Ambulocetus or Rodhocetus, due to its uncanny resemblance to those early whales.
  • The animal may instead be a seal or sea lion that has swam up to Lake Tahoe and lived there, being mistaken by the local people and tourists for a crocodile-like creature.
  • The Lake Tahoe monster may actually be a misidentified otter with its size and skull shape being exaggerated by the eyewitnesses.
  • The who story of the Lake Tahoe monster, however, may just be a hoax made by the afromentioned yet-to-be-identified family just wanting to get famous.