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The Lake St. Clair Serpent is a very fast, eel-like serpent spotted in Lake St. Clair. Lake St. Clair is located on the northwest side of Lake Erie. The serpent is either related to the Lake Ontario Serpents or is the same creature because of the similarities of its appearance and the fact that both bodies of water are connected.


There are only three known sightings and all of them were reported in the year of 1897.

First Sighting

On August 23rd, 1897, a newspaper called the Essex Free Press described a story of a monster being spotted in the lake. "While Miss Ella Burdickand some friends were out fishing on Lake St. Clair, one evening last week at sundown, a dark peculiar looking object was seen coming up the lake. They rowed very close to the object and were able to get a good look at it. It appeared to have a head somewhat like a dog, with huge eyes protruding and tusk-like projections on each side of the head. Its body appeared to lie some seven or eight feet under water. Some fishermen also saw it and claimed it was some sort of sea serpent. It was certainly a very dangerous and horrible-looking object and was swimming at a very rapid rate." The story was also reprinted in the Windsor Evening Record.

Second Sighting

Some time in 1897, an unknown number of fishermen left their horse ashore to go fishing. A witness saw a creature drag the animal into the lake where it presumably devoured it. The witness called it an eel-like sea serpent when talking to the local authorities. The horses corpse was never discovered.

Third Sighting 

Later in the same year, a creature was seen in the St. Clair Flats from a Riverside Hotel. The man who seen the creature said that it moved at a "terrific rate of speed."