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Lake Ladoga Monster - is an unknown animal living in the Lake Ladoga, Russia.

Description and sightings[]

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There have been a lot of sightings of this creature. 

  • 1973 - The description of A.S. Konovalov's sighting says that it has a large, dark-gray body, which has the length of 10 meters, a long, thin neck and fierce eyes. The beast was heading for him, but then it stopped and dived underwater. 
  • 1980's - Peter Ermolaev was fishing when a gray head suddenly appeared within 50 meters of his boat. The animal opened its mouth, hissed and disappeared. Later, Michael Bardin saw the creature within 200 meters from him. It was probably hunting.
  • Biologist Anatolii Shimanskii saw the creature hissing and preying on the fish. The estimated length of the creature was 20 meters. Though it was big, it was fast and gracious. He also noted that fishermen hate it when the monster tears their fishing nets.


  • All descriptions of this creature look the same. Maybe it was the same individual all over the years.
  • There were some UFO sightings above the Lake Ladoga.

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