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The Lake Herrington Monster, also known as the Eel-Pig, is a lake monster of Herrington Lake, Kentucky.


The Lake Herrington Monster has a body like that of an eel and posses a pig-like snout. It has a somewhat curly tail and skin tone/pattern of a speckled fish. It is 12-15 feet long and said to be as fast as a boat.


Since Herrington Lake's completion in 1925, there have been reports of the Eel-Pig within the lake. In 1972, University of Kentucky professor Lawrence S. Thompson reported that he had seen the creature swimming in the lake multiple times. However after his many sightings, he was unable to identify what it was. He was later interviewed by newspaper The Louisville Courier. When asked whether he truly believed he had seen a real monster, he stated: “it’s only a monster in the sense that one would call an alligator a monster if they had never seen one before.

Since then, sightings of the monster are said to have continued but none have been reported on as extensively as Thompson's.


They are many theories surrounding the Lake Herrington Monster. It may have been an misidentification of alligator gar or other fish species. Herrington Lake is a popular fishing spot and contains many species of fish in its water. Another theory is that it may have an out of place alligator that travelled up Mississippi River, down the Kentucky River and into Herrington Lake.

There are also theories that it was a prehistoric animal that lived in underground limestone caves that became flooded when the lake was being constructed.