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Elsie Mascot

The statue of it at the lake

Lake Elsinore Monster, or just Elsie or Hamlet - is a lake monster of Lake Elsinore.


  • 1884 - An enormous sea serpent was spotted at the lake.
  • 1934 - Sighting by C.B. Greenstreet - fast 100 feet long creature with 30 feet long tail. It was the sighting that gave the monster two names - Elsie and Hamlet, and made it famous.
  • 1967 - A family saw a dark creature with humps.
  • 1970 - Sighting by Bonne Play - she saw Elsie two times. It's a 12 feet long saurian-looking creature with humps. Some time later, 3 state park officials saw the creature swimming 50 feet away from their boat, it had 3 or 4 humps with spines.
  • There were few sightings in 1992.
  • 1993 - A man saw 15 feet long, whale-looking creature.
  • 1994 - A fisherman claimed that hooked the creature, at first he thought it was a log, but as he pulled he saw an alligator-like head. The beast broke the line and swam away.



The Lake Elsinore dried out few times. Some people think that Elsie was an amphibious creature, and it waited the lake to refill in the caves. Another people think that Elsie just swam to the San Jacinto River. 

Here are some theories on Elsie's origin:

  • A sea serpent
  • A giant otter
  • A giant slug
  • Bubbling mud caused by the outgassing of sulfur springs.