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The Kumi Lizard is a cryptid from New Zealand. From the report it is said that the Kumi Lizard resemble the Megalania, a species of largest monitor lizard; but lives on trees (arboreal lifestyle).

Captain James Cook was told by Maori in Queen Charlotte Sound that huge, arboreal greatly feared reptiles lived in the surrounding bushlands. In 1898, a Maori bushman reported the Kumi Lizard to be 1.5 meters long. A Kumi Lizard allegedly washed up ashore in 1875, along with the discovery of alleged Kumi Lizard bones the same year. In more recent times, the sightings have become rare. The most recent reports are from 1898, one a large reptile near Gisbourne, and the other a huge monitor lizard threatening a bushman in Arowhana. The animal has not been spotted, but photographs of footprints have been found.

The most probable explanation is the Crocodile Monitor, that grows to huge sizes and is arboreal.

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