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The Kting Voar, also known as the K'hting Vor, Linh Dương, or Snake-Eating Cow (Pseudonovibos spiralis) is cryptid reputed to exist in Cambodia and Vietnam.


Kting Voar

The kting voar is described as a cow-like animal with peculiar twisting horns about 45 centimetres (20 inches) long and spotted fur.

The first evidence found of such a creature is a set of horns found by Wolfgang Peter in a Ho Ci Minh City Market in 1994; Peter and Feiler believe it could be new species.

There is also an earlier report of British hunters in the first part of the 20th century observing several kting voar and shooting and killing to use as tiger bait. There is, according to scientists, a strong chance that it, at one time, did exist, and a smaller chance that it may exist today.

Kting voar

A Kouprey, a possibly extinct creature similar to Kting Voar

Cow chewing on snake

Cow seen chewing on a large python in outback northern Australia - ABC News

A cow was caught eating a snake in Australia in 2020. This suggests that chewing on snakes maybe a rare behaviour of a bovine and may inspired the stories of this cryptid.