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The likely explanation for Koguhpuk

The Koguhpuk is a huge mammal from Inuit mythology. They were said to be titanic beasts that were banished to the depths of the earth by shamans, due to their great power and size. Now they can never go to the surface, for if they do they risk death. Even in their subterranian homes however they are capable of vast destruction, as their tunnels can collapse creating sinkholes and the digging itself can cause earthquakes.

Most depictions show them as large tusked muskrats, with large toothy grins and exposed intestines (I'm not sure how that's supposed to look either). Some stories say that once their skin is touched by the sun's rays, they die, leaving behind only their bleached bones. In this version the only time they can go outside is during the longest nights. In another version however the air itself is toxic to them, making them die instantly upon taking a breath.


Traditional apperance of the Koguhpuk


An artistic rendering of the beast made by TheStarBear for the video by A Crowing Cockatrice (link to the video covering the monster:

It is widely agreed that these stories were inspired by gigantic wolly mammoth skeletons they would've found poking through the ice and earth, or even that the stories of long lost mammoths made it through the generations, but only as myths and legends, and seeing the bones only strengthened those myths.

Wo0llymammot skeleton

The remains of a Koguhpuk, definitive proof they existed (or at least that mammoths did)

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