The Koakun-klun is a mysterious creature that purportedly lives on and near the islands of Cape Verde, Africa.


The animal seems to be semi-aquatic and looks like a mixture of a crocodile and a giant water monitor. Sightings have been reported since ancient times.

The animal is carnivorous and is known to eat children and adults. Like a crocodile it kind of has a death roll, but it will pull you deep under water and then start twirling around.

Type Aquatic-based Cryptid
First Sighting 15th Century
Last Sighting 1994
Country Cape Verde, Africa
Habitat Coastlines
Possible Population Small or Extinct
The Koakun-klun needs oxygen and it has lungs. For this reason they have been known to jump out of the water for breath and to capture it's prey while doing so.
Cape Verde Map

Location of Cape Verde (circled)

The size ranges from thirteen feet to twenty feet long. It can get five feet wide and three feet tall laying down. Another name for the animal is the Agenti. It has been reported that the animal has a long blue tongue like a snake.

The Koakun-klun has thick claws four inches to six inches long. They have been known to break caravels, small, fast Spanish or Portuguese sailing ships of the 15th–17th centuries, in half by torpedoing through the water at speeds of a hundred miles per hour. These creatures are rarely seen and most reported sightings are just of them jumping out of the water or sliding into the Atlantic Ocean.


The latest sighting was in the year 1994, when a fisherman of the coast saw it dive into the water trying to eat a big seal. The animal didn't catch the seal, but it jumped up in the air and got a seagull before it then went back into the ocean

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