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Artist's Rendering
Type Lemur
First Sighting 1600s
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Madagascar
Habitat Jungle
Possible Population Small

The Kidoky is a lemur-like hominid animal reported to exist in the jungles of Madagascar. Not much is known of this mystery animal.

American Anthropologist

While trying to gather information on two mystery animals noted in historical accounts as well as the folklore of Madagascar, D.A. Burney and Ramilisonia interviewed elderly natives in 1995 and learned something new about the mystery animals he was researching, one of them being the Kidoky. D.A. Burney and Ramilisonia turned in their data to add on to a 1999 issue of American Anthropologist.

"This animal's description is decidedly lemur-like. It was compared to the sifaka by all the interviewees who described it, although all insisted that it was not the same animal... It is much larger...perhaps 25 kg. It is usually encountered on the ground and may flee on the ground rather than taking to the trees...Its whooping call is suggestive of an indri."


  • Possibly a larger variant of a Sifaka.


  • Possibly an Indri
  • Possibly a living giant arboreal lemur.
  • Possibly some unknown species of lemur.