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Khaiyr Ouranosaurus

Khaiyr Beast is a cryptid living in the Lake Khaiyr, Yakutia which is in northwestern Russia.


In November of 1964, G. Rokosuev said that an unusual animal with snake head and a large "fan" on its back that lives at the Lake Khaiyr. After that, N. Gladkikh said next:

"At 7 o'clock I took buckets and went to the lake for the water. I heard about the "devil" living in the lake, but I didn't believe in it. Then I heard an splash of water and saw an unknown animal coming out of it. The length of creature was 4 or 4,5 meters, height - 1,5 or 2 meters. The neck of animal was long - maybe 1,5 meters, also it had flat, small snake-like head, large dorsal fin and smooth dark-blue skin. Seemed like it was eating grass. Then, the beast looked at me. I badly remember what happened next, because I was very worried. I screamed and ran to our camp, but alas, no one was there. When I looked back at the lake, I saw waves, but there was no wind and the weather was calm."


Mass media told about similarity to plesiosaurus, but Khaiyr Beast looked more like an ouranosaurus. In 1965, expedition went to the Khaiyr Lake, but nothing was found. However, the locals of Khaiyr settlement told that there is no usual fish in the lake, and goose with swans avoid it because of the large "bull-pike" that can swallow the whole boat with fisherman. Later expeditions confirmed the presence of large pikes.


N. Gladkikh told that his story was a hoax, but G. Rokosuev said nothing about his own story, making Khaiyr Beast half-hoax and half-cryptid.

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