Clouded Leopard

In West Kalimantan province, particularly among Dayak hinterland, a known mythical animal of a kind of clouded leopard called Kek Tung or Remaong. However, it's not a kind of animal can be seen by all people, most people can only heard a kung, kung, kung, sound. However, the sound is echoed and unclear.

The leader of Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi) - Forum of Environment - of West Kalimantan Blasius Chandra said that as a child he often heard this disturbing sound at midnight if he choose to sleep in the shelter of his parents field. Nowadays, he can still hear this sound if he visits a village near the jungle.

According to a village elder, this animal resembled a leopard with black skin and a huge body. If Kek Tung creates a sound, a various sign will be captured by and elder. Among this sign fruit in the forest will abundant, or otherwise, the harvest will fail by plague attack.

This sound could be heard from jungle areas that infrequently visited by people, but now this creature is threatened by huge forest exploitation in this land.


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