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Type Fungus humanoid
First Sighting 19th or early 20th century
Last Sighting 2000s
Country Colombia and Venezuela
Habitat Jungle
Possible Population Less than 100

The Kayeri is a cryptid originating from the folklore of the Cuiba people of Colombia and Venezuela. Described as a giant, plant-like humanoid, the Kayeri's appearance varies in visual depictions, ranging from resembling a giant with a large, mushroom-like hat to appearing akin to a ficus tree. Its physiology is predominantly cryptobotanic in nature, blurring the lines between plant and creature.[1]


According to Cuiba folklore, the Kayeri is believed to be connected to all the mushrooms within the forest, suggesting a symbiotic relationship with fungi. Similar to mushrooms, sightings of the Kayeri are said to occur after significant rainfall, with the beings often found at the base of trees. They are known to become dormant after extended periods of sunshine.


The Kayeri's diet reportedly consists solely of cows, according to local beliefs. The Cuiba people often attribute the disappearance or deaths of their cattle to the Kayeri, which are reputedly strong enough to carry off bovines. The cryptid's elusive nature and purported threat to livestock have led to various legends and cautionary tales surrounding encounters with the creature.


In Cuiba folklore, it is believed that the most effective method to neutralize the Kayeri is by shooting it in the kidney with a bone-tipped arrow. This specific detail underscores the cultural significance and methods for dealing with the cryptid within the Cuiba tradition.

The Kayeri remains a prominent figure in the folklore and oral traditions of the Cuiba people, serving as a reminder of the mysteries and dangers that inhabit the dense forests of Colombia and Venezuela.

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