The Kasa-Obake, also called Karakasa-Obake, Kasa-Bake, or Karakasa Kozo, is a demon, or yokai, originating in Japanese folklore. The Kasa-Obake is an old or broken umbrella that turned into a monster, usually with one eye, one leg, and a long tongue, though other variations have been reported. It is a part of a category of Japanese monsters known a tsukumogami, which are ordinary objects that gain a soul and come to life after a hundred years. Unlike many yokai, the Kasa-Obake is relatively harmless, and enjoys scaring people for fun, sometimes licking them with its long tongue, which, although disgusting, is not dangerous.

Though there may be some who truly believe in this animated umbrella, it's mostly thought of as a metaphor, used to explain how objects gain character and personality (a "soul") as they age. Often meant to discourage thoughtless disposal of objects that have a long history and still have use within them.

A two-legged Kasa-Obake.

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