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Elephant Dwarfism

An Elephant with dwarfism

Kallana is a hypothetical extinct species of pygmy elephant.

For centuries, tribals belonging to the Kani tribe, who live in the Western Ghat forests in Thiruvananthapuram district, describes a dwarf-sized elephant variety, which live in the Peppara - Agastyarkoodam forest range.

They call these Pygmy Elephants ‘Kallana’ and insist it is different from the common Indian elephant, which also inhabit these forests. Kallana is much smaller than the regular Indian Elephants, about half the size.

The Kani people seems to have given this name because they spot the smaller elephant more often in the rocky terrain of higher altitudes.

According to the Kanis, these elephants grow up to only 5 feet tall at adulthood. (The Indian elephant reaches, on average, a height of 8 to 10 ft). They are able to negotiate the rocky terrains with agility and dart through the forests with much greater speed than regular elephants. They are supposed to have proportionately longer tails and bigger ears.

Kallana are very shy of humans.