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The Kaijin (海人, literally meaning "Sea Man" in Japanese), is an alleged sea monster living in Japan. It is mentioned in the books of the Edo period.


According to a Japanese Materia medica, he was almost close to a man, in addition to chin hair and eyebrows, between the fingers and limbs is a description of some skin. He ate food, and drank, but never spoke.

According to Nagasaki's records, in addition to these features, there was probably a Hakama and a flap of skin around the waist, and they could live for only a few days on the ground, after coming up from the sea.

Possible explanations[]

One theory suggests that it was based on interactions with sea lions; which are known to be curious, rely on open water to survive, have whiskers on their face and "extra" skin on their limbs. However, if one holds true to the Japanese legends, they may say that Kaijin-sama is actually a kaze-kami. (species of god of the winds) and it appears from a purple cloud within the clouds, taking sacrifices in every village to calm down the winds.



Kamen Rider X "Kaijin" as seen in The show

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