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The Kaijin (海人, literally meaning "Sea Man" in Japanese), is a cryptid, an alleged sea monster living in Japan. It is mentioned in the books of the Edo period.

According to a Japanese Materia medica, he was almost close to a man, in addition to chin hair and eyebrows, between the fingers and limbs is a description of some skin. He ate food and drank but never spoke.

According to Nagasaki's records, in addition to these features, there was probably a Hakama and a flap of skin around the waist, and they could live for only a few days on the ground, after coming up from the sea.

One theory suggests that it was a sea lion or seal. Many Japanese legends say that Kaijin-sama is a kaze-kami (species of god of the winds) and it appears inside the clouds in a purple cloud, taking sacrifices in every village to calm down the winds.


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