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The Junjudee is a type of Bigfoot from Australia. They are hairy humanoid creatures that are 2-3 feet tall, have black fur and are said to have large white fangs and red eyes. They live in groups where they live in caves or natural hollows of boulders. They are generally thought of as harmless, though they can be aggressive. Junjudees eat shellfish and honey and have sort of a chirping language.


Stories of Junjudees are found in old tales of the Aboriginal people.

A more recent sighting occurred in the 18th century. 10-14 year old students said they saw 8 Junjudees on their school. They took few steps toward the children, then retreated into a small hole in the ground and disappeared. Another sighting also occurred in 1979 where some children were attacked near a mine shaft by 3ft tall, black, hairy creatures. A car window had even been smashed by one of them.

There is an aboriginal tribe (name will give away location) in the Northern Territory which have a camp near a Junjudee dwelling they believe these humanoid nocturnal creatures protect them from other evil spirits that mean them harm such as the bush Curlews which if not for the Junjudee would steal their babies. The tribe moved near the Junjubee's dwelling after loosing a lot of babies and have not lost one since. For this reason the location is kept secret and protected.

Junjudee means devil devil, in Aboriginal lingo words are repeated to emphasize size. I asked an elder why in this case when it is a small creature. He told me that it is because it is the devil all other devils fear. It is biggest in fear not size. In my stay at the camp we fed the Junjubee Fish one night and I was not allowed to use a torch or take a camera but I did see two animals taking the fish which are like nothing I've ever seen before, they moved very fast but In short bursts and had an unusual smoothness to their speed which is very hard to explain. Some young aboriginals spotted one jump into a moving ute and take some Barra, this was caught on video and in the audio you hear them call it by name as they had seen one before. This can be found on YouTube.