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Jenny Greenteeth is a legendary monster native to English folklore and was imagined to be a monstrous witch with green-skin, long arms, wild hair and sharp teeth - she was often said to resemble pond-weed and indeed the formation of large clumps of pond-weed or similar plants in pools of water may of inspired tales of this old hag due to the fact many children or unwary explorers could drown via becoming ensnared in these weeds: she was also likely created to prevent children from playing near bodies of water - making her a bogeyman (a type of folkloric being often made to frighten children either for moral or safety reasons).


Jenny Greenteeth has been a part of English folklore for generations and has her roots in antiquity where she, alongside many other related water-demons, would be said to haunt rivers and ponds - dragging any children or elderly that strayed too near into the water to be devoured. Jenny Greenteeth was said to be a particularly gruesome specimen of such a water-hag and was fond of drowning children, for this reason parents would tell their children to stay clear of bodies of water unsupervised - in this regard Jenny Greenteeth acted as an effective deterrent to youthful curiosity, though there were always some foolish enough to tempt fate.

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