The Jacobs Photographs were a series of photos taken by R. Jacobs in 2007 that shows a furry, scrawny and primate-like creature appearing before two bear cubs. Many have speculated that it could be a juvenile sasquatch or another mystery primate. Others have simply deemed it a mangy black bear who, under poor light conditions, took the appearance of a primate.The photographs, taken by a trail camera set up in a forest, shot two pictures of the odd creature. 

Jarrett Mangus, a blogger on the Bizarre Zoology Blogspot was one of many who proposed that it was only a mangy bear. He prepared diagrams for the images and said "A bear can rotate their paws inward and I wouldn't put too much stock at the way the knee 'appears' to be positioned in this picture. The photo is relatively dark and if this one is mange stricken (which it appears to obviously be) it's hard to say for sure how much the baldness or thinning of the hair is playing into knee positioning." for the odd look of the last photograph. 

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