The Itzcuintlipotzotli are bizarre canids reported by Michoacan people of Mexico. It's commonly described as a large, hairless dog with a short tail and a pronounced hump on its back.



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0, Francisco Javier Clavijero, Mexican priest, published Ancient History of Mexico, where he described an itzcuintlipotzotli in the region of Tarascan, Michoacan. The illustration accompanying the text displayed a grotesque animal like a dog the size of a terrier, with a short tail, small wolf-like head, almost no neck, a strange bulbous nose, nearly hairless skin and, most extraordinarily, a pronounced hump extending from the spine to the legs.

Mrs. Calderon de la Barca, in 1843, said she saw a dead specimen of this animal in the valley of Mexico City. He was raised by his owners, but he was killed because he became very fierce. So lost in the darkness the creature may well be one of the ugliest mysterious beasts of the world.

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