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Illustration by Diakujia

A number of Burlington, Iowa residents have reported seeing several Iowa Dragons flying over their city in recent years. Two witnesses described it as brown-skinned with a long, snake-like body and 15-foot bat-like wings. Its head was shaped like a seahorse and it had a skinny tail flowing behind it. They watched the dragon slither through the air until it flew high up in the night sky.

Sightings []

The Bedford Times-Independent, Bedford, Iowa, August 11, 1887 reported that a man named Lee Corder encountered a flying serpent "...writhing and twisting, with protruding eyes and forked tongue. Great scales, which glistened in the sunlight, covered its huge body, which appeared to be flat and nearly a foot in width." The beast seemed to fly and land with a thud in Mr. Corder's cornfield. He watched with awe and astonishment as eventually the dragon returned to the sky.

Cotw 93 iowa dragons by trendorman-daj3ew2

Illustration by Trendorman

In October 1890 Independence, Iowa was home to several reports of a monster with "wings, a monstrous head with horns, a mouth like an alligator's." The creature also appeared green in color and covered in scales.

One witness named simply Megan claimed that in 2005 she and her husband witnessed a flying dragon while driving on the streets of Burlington in the middle of the night. Describing a 10 foot long snake like creature with bat-like wings and the head similar to a seahorse.

Someone named Zeuz mentioned this in a comment section:

I live in Iowa too, in Grand Mound. We see dragons like that all the time, they normally come in the harvest time when the moon is really big and red. They often take cows from my neighbors pasture. I myself have spotted these dragons six different times, once in a group of three. Once I saw a large blue one with four wings, otherwise they look like the one you described.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Iowa Dragon

    Iowa Dragon as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation

    Iowa Dragons are featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.

See Also[]

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Sources []

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