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Ine Weu and Poti Wolo
Ine Weu & Poti Wolo
Type Hairy Humanoid
First Sighting ?
Last Sighting 2017?
Country Indonesia
Habitat Jungle, caves
Possible Population Small to medium

It is already known that there are many report of small humanoid creature reported from the islands of Indonesia. Maybe the most famous is Sumatran Uhang Pandak and Flores Ebu Gogo. In Flores, the name Ebu Gogo actually refers to short humanoid by the people of Bajawa area. Other than that, small humanoid beings of Flores also known as Ine Weu and Poti Wolo, which means “Ape Demon”.


Ine Weu and Poti Wolo`s description is similar to Ebu Gogo of Bajawa people stories; with hairy body, long downward earlobe and long breasts. They are reported to be around 1 m in height. One unique feature that they are said to be pig-snouted. Superstitious local people thought that the two creatures are supernatural beings, able to change its looks to other different forms.


Sightings are said to be common in Flores island, but only a few has been documented. Petrus Jemadi (a farmer) said that he has met the creature once, at first it’s looked like an ape, a moment later the creature changed a bit. He said that in silhouette they are identical, but the latter form has snout like mouth.

Jejak-Jejak Misterius (Mysterious Tracks) team also made an expedition to Flores island. They are investigating a cave named Liang Poti (which means cave of demons); that the local people said to be the home of Ine Weu and Poti Wolo.


Dwarf hobbit in Flores island captured by camera

The sighting of unidentified creature at Liang Poti cave

The entrance of the cave is so small that a man can only enter in prone position, but the chamber inside is larger. The team tried to go deeper in the cave, but some chamber cannot be accessed by humans. When morning breeze came from the direction of the entrance, the team recorded a movement of short humanoid being behind the rocks. When the team chase it, the thing is gone; presumably to one of the unaccessible small holes leading to deeper chambers.


  • Description of these creatures indicates that they looks like to be surviving Homo floresiensis, or hominid closely related to them.
Ine Weu & Poti Wolo as orang utan

The description is similar to orang utan

  • However the description also similar to orang utan, which at times would play with their mouth, making snout-like appearance. Some orang utans also had long, pendulous breasts.
  • The last one is that they are actually supernatural beings.

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