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Hvcko Capko (Pronunciation: hutch-ko chop-koh) is a mythical beast from Oklahoma. Its name means "long ears". The creature was first recorded by the Seminole culture and is described as a gray wolf with a horse's tail and large eyes. Hvcko Capko is said to live in the Rocky Mountains and has a strong, bad odor. It carries diseases and infects anyone or anything that it touches. It is alternatively known as Long Ears and Hatcko-tcapko.

In Calumet, OK, 1951, Mrs. Laurence Laub encountered what she described as a creature that looked like a cross between a wolf and a deer. Michael Newton's Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology mentions a similar "wolf-deer" sighted in Wisconsin. 

Neil Arnold's book Monster includes a maddeningly brief reference to the "Hvoko Capko", a deer-like creature from Seminole mythology the size of a horse with a wolf-like head, which seems to match the reports.

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