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The Hoop Snake (Serpenscirculousus caudavenenifer) is a fearsome critter told by lumberjacks living around Wisconsin, Minnesota, and parts of Canada. It is similar to the tsuchinoko from Japan and the legendary ouroboros from Greek mythology.


The Hoop Snake moved itself by biting the back of its tail with its jaws, transforming its entire body into a "wheel". It moved with lighting speed and was highly venomous, possessing a stinger at the tip of its tail. A method to escape from the Hoop Snake was to hide behind a tree to avoid the strike. Another method was to jump through its hoop as it approached, confusing the snake.

The Hoop Snake was mentioned in a letter in 1784: "As other serpents crawl upon their bellies, so can this; but he has another method of moving peculiar to his own species, which he always adopts when he is in eager pursuit of his prey; he throws himself into a circle, running rapidly around, advancing like a hoop, with his tail arising and pointed forward in the circle, by which he is always in the ready position of striking. It is observed that they only make use of this method in attacking; for when they flee from their enemy they go upon their bellies, like other serpents. From the above circumstance, peculiar to themselves, they have also derived the appellation of hoop snakes."

in Fearsome Creatures - (2015) the Hoop Snake is a bit larger than its previous incarnations. Its head is large with fangs, hollow black eyes and two tiny nostrils, and its body has white and black rings all over. Its girth is seven inches thick. It keeps the stinger at the end of the tail, but the venom is now purple and virulent. And it is advised that you never make toothpicks out of the Hoop Snake's stinger. its latin name is Orotundus velox


While there have occasionally been sightings reported, the existence of the Hoop Snake is not accepted by the scientific community. It is generally thought to be a myth. However some sightings may possibly be actual instances of snakes swallowing their own tails, mistaking it for prey.

In Popular Culture[]

  • The Hoop Snake is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.


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