A Homunculus (meaning little man) is said to be a humanoid creature that is a fully formed microscopic human adult that is formed when sperm is injected into a chicken's egg. The creature comes from the concept of 16th century alchemy, it is historically referred to as creation of a miniature, fully formed human.

The idea of growing your own small human started when the theory of a small miniature human could be seen in the head of a sperm cell through a microscope. Obviously this theory turned out to be false but the idea of the Homunculus itself may be all too real. 


On YouTube  a man who goes by the name Korney has many videos on making his own Homunculus and showing them to the world. He has so far made 3 successful Homunculi. Despite the name and meaning of Homunculus, the ones he have created look like creatures you would find at the bottom of the ocean. 

The first creature.

The first creature he hatched from an egg seemed to be the same color as human skin, it had long appendages and a body almost as thin as the appendages, the man described the creature as having the brain of a parasite, in his video on YouTube you can see the creature moving but died shortly after. In the next video when he has another Homunculus, it was green and yellow, at first it appeared to be dead but then it started moving, it faced the man and shot some kind of string of acid or poison, at which point the man dropped it onto the table and smashed it with a book. It was the video that made homunculus popular.

The 3rd creature he made was yellow and has a long red tentacle or tongue coming from the creature's head and slime comes from the creature's body and it currently lives in a glass of water, being fed sugar and he talks of starting to feed it blood and milk.


Billschannel, after hearing about the viral phenomenon, posted a video about how it had been faked using magnetic fields, plastecine, and careful camera editing.


Are these creatures really the result of human sperm in a chicken's egg? Are they some kind of worms that formed from rotting of the eggs or is it all just a hoax? If it is truly new creatures being made, it may be much more dangerous than what it appears to be.

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A Homunculus was mentioned in the book series by Pseudonymous Bosch "The Secret Series"

Homunculus BO4

The Green Baby from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, was based on the Homunculus, including being born from its master's flesh.

-In the Zombies mode of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, The Homunculous is used as a special weapon which attracts zombies and other enemies, and decapitates them with its tribal club.

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