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Picture of the beast
Giant pig.jpg
Shot of the creatures full body
Type Suinae
First Sighting 2004
Last Sighting 2005
Country United States
Habitat Alapaha, Georgia
Possible Population Unknown

Hogzilla is a giant pig who was shot and killed by a hunter named Chris Griffin in Alapaha, Georgia on Ken Holyoak's fish farm and hunting reserve. It was a male hybrid of a wild hog and domestic pig. Reported to be over 12 feet long and weighing over 1000 pounds it was originally considered a hoax. In March 2005, it was revealed that it was only 800 pounds and was between 6.9 and 8.6 feet long, but nevertheless, is still a monster subject. There is also another big pig known as Fred who was shot and killed by a 12 year old boy named Jamison Stone on a game reserve that according to hunters, weighed 1051 pounds and was 9.4 feet long. The true dimensions are disputed. The boy used a Smith and Wesson Model 500 50 caliber revolver and shot it 9 times before killing him with a headshot. Apparently, the reserve purchased him from a farm who was selling all of their pigs. The Coursey hog is a hog shot and killed by William Coursey in Fayetteville, Georgia that weighed over 1100 pounds. Hog Kong was a giant pig who weighed 1140 pounds when shot on a farm near Leesburg, Georgia. Big Bill was a pig who broke a leg in Jackson, Tennessee and was put down when he weighed 2552 pounds. He also holds the record for largest pig ever. Ton Pig was a hog from China that weighed 1984 pounds and died from lack of mobility because of obesity. Big Norm was a pig who grew to 1600 pounds and grew to 8 foot 4 inches. They are no longer considered a cryptid. On, on the trophy board, a man named Robert Fanucci posted a picture of a wild boar that he took with his FA .500 Wyoming Express revolver.

In Popular Culture

The History Channel's MonsterQuest featured Hogzilla in the Series 2 episode "Mega Hog."

In 2008, Fangoria productions made a movie titled Pig Hunt, where a group of hunters are being attacked and killed by a gigantic hogzilla with an unusual craving for human flesh.

There was also an episode of NBC's my name is Earl about Hogzilla


See Also

  • Beast of Dean, another giant pig creature that still not recognized scientifically