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The Hippogriff is a mythical, Griffin-like creature, but part horse instead of a lion. The Hippogriff has been a part of legends and myths since at least the 1600s Within the poem, the Hippogriff is a steed born of a mare and a griffin - It is extremely fast and is presented to be able to fly around the world and to the moon. This creature was supposed to live near Céret, in the County of Roussillon of modern-day France, during the Middle Ages. Claw marks were found on a rock near Mas Carol.

Buckbeak the hippogriff from the Harry Potter series

In a hoax initially perpetrated in 1904 in Lake George, New York State, tricksters used a fake “monster” which became known as "The Hippogriff". The creation had a head of a bird of prey, teeth, and two large horse ears, which could be controlled from below. The pranks and sightings faded until 1999 when several people staying at the Island Harbour House Hotel stated they had seen a sea monster at night. The old hoax was uncovered by the Daily News and the Lake George Historical Association Museum, which created a copy of the original wooden monster to display to the public in August 2002.

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