The Hebrides blob

The Hebrides Blob was an unidentified, 12 ft (3.7 m) long carcass that washed ashore on Benbecula beach in the Hebrides, Scotland, in 1990. Louise Whitts, who discovered the carcass, described it as the following:

"It had what appeared to be a head at one end, a curved back and seemed to be covered with eaten-away flesh or even a furry skin and was 12 feet long [and] it had all these shapes like fins along its back."

This description is reminiscent of a ragworm, a type of polyphyletic class of annelid worm that primarily resides in water, but since these only grow to a couple inches long. this suggests either the carcass was an ancient, primordial ragworm, or possibly a marine animal in advanced stages of decay.

This is one of the most famous globsters and blobs.

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