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The Hat Man is a figure in urban legends, more related to sleep paralysis than the paranormal.


The Hat Man is a phenomenon commonly seen during sleep paralysis and high doses of the deliriant Diphenhydramine in which witnesses report seeing a shadowy entity dressed in an old top hat on some occasions, and on others with a "fedora" type hat (typical detective hat) and sometimes a layer.

The Hat Man acts like a ghost, and is almost always seen just standing there. This form can simply fade until the witness no longer sees it and has no apparent reaction to people. For example, many people have reported "bumping into" this entity, which does absolutely nothing for seconds or minutes, then moves around a bit and just vanishes, as if it couldn't see who bumped into it. This type of entity sometimes appears as a ghost to those who study the phenomenon. It looks like a ghost, with the shadow of a person wearing an old-style hat.

Unlike a ghost, who might have visible facial features, the Hat Man is a shadow in the dark in its entirety, with no details. Only the shadow. However, it is not always reported to be harmless, the Hat Man has sometimes been mentioned as a distinct entity and many times, witnesses report that they feel utter terror upon seeing it.

Many people have reported that this entity feeds on their terror and does not vanish, he simply walks away as any normal person would. This shadow has substance (that is, some people have touched it) and many paranormal researchers believe that this entity should be studied. As a curiosity, this phenomenon is only reported with the Hat Man in the top hat.

In Popular Culture[]

  • The Hat Man is featured in the popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.