Hapyxelor of muskrat lake sweatshirt

Artist rendering

Hapyxelor, Hapaxelor or Mussie is a lake monster from Muskrat Lake—which is located in the Whitewater Region of Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. It was described as a carnivorous 14–24 foot long, alligator-headed creature with slender neck, two humps, one big fin and two flippers.


  • A. W. Peever saw an animal the size of a horse crossing the lake in 1941.
  • In the spring of 1968, Donald Humphreys saw a silver-green animal, 24 feet long (later revised to 14–16 feet long), at the southern end of the lake. It had a large head with one tooth and a pair of front flippers.
  • Sonar tracings on an Eagle Z-5000 “fish finder” portable device, taken by Michael Bradley on October 5, 1988, showed two 8- to 10-foot objects swimming side by side and heading toward the surface from a depth of 54 feet.
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