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The Hamai Beast was a mysterious carcass found in August 1963 by river-dwelling villagers near Hamai, China, and witnessed by officers aboard the passing ship, the Beaver.


Captain Boyle of the Beaver described the beast a being 81 feet long and had bought the creature's "snake-like head," which had been mutilated by the removal of it's lower jaw. Boyle had lost the head soon after he had purchased it, but described it as having the eyes of a hog, and a large mouth with three rows of "uniform and movable" teeth. It's skin was supposedly blue and 1.5 inches thick, and was encrusted in places with barnacles.

Possible explanations

  • With no proof of the carcass, many believe the carcass was that of a basking shark (although basking sharks rarely grow beyond 35 feet long).
  • Others believe that the carcass could be that of a mosasaurus or possibly a plesiosaur.
  • The carcass could possibly belong to that of a rorqual whale.