Artist’s rendering

The Haiit is a type of cryptid that is described as two to three feet tall and really strong, with orange and black fur, and a small tail. They often were reported screaming violently and jumping on random objects to show their dominance. Early explorers witnessed these events early in the morning. They had three short toes, which are good for higher mountain climates when compared to places like a coastal forest.


The latest sighting was when a man riding in his boat to go check some lines when he heard random screaming. He stopped to see the ruckus and a random ape jumped in his boat and threw things off and jumped back in the trees. The natives called them pirates for these reasons. They've been seen with tools like a sharpened stick or a hammer stone, although this is not unknown amongst the great ape species. They also have been seen throwing rocks.


The cryptid is rarely seen, like the Agogwe. They have flat faces like an orangutan. Although rarely seen doesn't mean they're not heard. They can be heard up to a mile away, but it is hard to locate due to the fact that the Congo is a dense forest.

Their loss of two of their toes is a unique trait in comparison to known monkeys and great apes, whom all have kept all of their phalanges. This likely indicates an entirely new family of apes, should the Haiit turn out to be a real and not misidentified creature.

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