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7 Chutes
Type Bigfoot
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Unknown
Country USA/Canada
Habitat Thick untouched forests and national parks
Possible Population Mid to high, may be lower if other Bigfoot type creatures also exist in its area

The Gugwe is a Bigfoot creature that is said to have a canine like snout. Gugwe reports have been since the 1900s.


Gugwes are very aggressive, which is strange for a primate, let alone an undiscovered one, leading some to believe it may be a misidentified werewolf-like creature.


Native Americans despise and fear the creature. In 1995, a man was taking scenic photos in 7 Chutes, Quebec, Canada. Reviewing the photos at home, he noticed one had a strange figure in it. Sightings of the Gugwe and similar creatures have been reported all throughout the USA and in parts of Canada, though they are normally drowned out by more popular Bigfoot types such as the Sasquatch, whose habitat overlaps with the Gugwe, and the Yeti, whose habitat does not overlap.


Some say it is a bear, some say it is a Dogman or Werewolf, and some say it is some type of Bigfoot, due to the fact that it appears to have a sagittal crest. A sagittal crest is a crest on the skull of some apes, notably Gorillas, which gives them an elongated head. This trait is seen in no other animals, including bears and canines, so if the photo is real, it may be a Sasquatch, as most of the time Gugwes are reported to have more Baboon like features - including head shape. However, it is rare that a Sasquatch or any other type of Bigfoot except a select few will be reported as having a Baboon or canine like snout, leading some to believe it may be the Gugwe, Woodbooger, or something else entirely.

It is possible that the Gugwe is the same creature as the Woodbooger, a similar Bigfoot-like creature reported to have a more Chimpanzee-like face, as opposed to the more human-like face of a Sasquatch, and the more Baboon like face of the Gugwe. The Gugwe and the Woodbooger both have more portruding snouts than Sasquatch, which has no snout, and both have large canines and are known for their aggression. However, most information about the Gugwe comes from two YouTube channels, Sasquatch chronicles and Mattsquatch presents, though information about creatures similar to the Gugwe such as Sasquatch, Bears, the Woodbooger, and many others can be found elsewhere.



The Gugwe and The Dogman