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Depiction by Diakujia

The Grafton Monster is a Sasquatch like creature from Taylor County, West Virginia. Sighted several times in 1964.


The creature is described as a 9 foot tall hairless humanoid that's either headless or that it is covered by its gargantuan muscular shoulders.It is also said to be a blubbery gray white skin tone and at least be 4 foot wide at the shoulders.

What Happened Exactly

On June 16th, 1964 the streets of Grafton near the old city rock quarry where lined with cars where bumper to bumper at about 10;00 p.m., and even left deserted as several individuals where looking for the monster that recently had been seen in the areas roaming around the rock quarry. No trace of the monster was ever found and too this day some say the beast still roams the back woods of the town of Grafton.

In recent times the Grafton monster was featured on Mountain Monsters and was featured in the game Fallout 76 as an enemy.


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