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This article contains information relating to a hoax. According to Cambridge dictionary a hoax is "a ​plan to ​deceive a ​large ​group of ​people; a ​trick."

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The Girona Gremlin or Gnome of Girona is an unknown creature that many experts believe to be a fetus of a local animal.  


The creature has blue skin, spots around its face and neck. The length is around 12 centimeters long, hobbit like ears, orange eyes and a nose very similar to a rodent.


In September of 1989, on Spanish TV, they interviewed the hunter that captured the being. He reported that he was traveling along a forest near Olot. The hunter said that he heard very strange, high pitched groans. When the hunter looked over to where the noise was located, he saw the small monster. The monster began to run away from him. The hunter managed to capture the creature by holding it under a blanket. The creature declined to all the food that the hunter gave it. The creature only lived for over a day and then died. After its death, parapsychologist Angel Gordon preserved the corpse in a jar. The doctor Luis Linares de Mula said that the monster could be a mutation or a prehistoric animal conserved due to freezing, but not a new species. The pathologist John Altshuler also said that it was not a new species.


Pedro Palao and the biologists of the Barcelona Zoo speculated it could be the fetus of a rumiant, maybe a calf of 3 months. Francisco Contreras discovered that the hunters never existed, and the dead animal was found by Manuel Tello, inhabitant of Girona, who put it in a jar and made some photos.