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The Giant Canadian Spiderbat is a possibly-flying humanoid sighted by a man in his barn in Southwest Canada.

Giant Canadian Spiderbat
IMG 2163
Eyewitness Sketch (likely exaggerated)
Type Giant Flying(?) Humanoid
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Last Sighting Currently no other reported sightings
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The creature was described by the eyewitness as "Kind of like Mothman, but with spider teeth and small white eyes." It is also about five feet tall when crouched (the only position the creature has been sighted in), and quite muscular. It has two small white glistening eyes, unlike how the creature is shown in the eyewitness sketch. It also may have a spider-esque face, but this is unproven.

Eyewitness Report:[]

The following is the original report written by the eyewitness, although slightly shortened.

"I don't know exactly what time it was, but it was dark. I live on a farm. I was walking home after putting our farm animals to bed when I passed an old, practically fallen-down barn on our property. I glanced at the barn as I neared it, and witnessed a huge, bulky, maybe winged thing duck away into the barn incredibly fast. It seemed to me like it cowered away when I looked at it, like it didn't want to be caught watching me. It was huge, seemingly too big to fit through the large open window at the front of the barn where it appeared to be perched. Its eyes were tiny and glistening white. Once I saw the thing, I ran as fast as I could for my house. I felt a sensation that made me feel like something was rushing towards me incredibly, but never reaching me. That's the only way I can explain it. I still don't like going outside on my own when it's dark, and that barn freaks me out a bit. Once in a while I hear noises from seemingly within it. It sounds like somebody setting down a pile of wooden planks over and over. It could be an echo from elsewhere on the property, but I don't know. I also feel like it may have just been my mind playing tricks on me. I feel like the barn is watching me whenever I pass it."


Possible Explanations:[]

The Canadian Spiderbat could very well simply be a trick of the eyes, perhaps light reflecting off of something inside of the barn, as the witness recalls wearing a head lamp on his head during the supposed encounter. The witness believes that this is the most likely explanation.

It is also possible that the monster the witness thought he saw could have been a barn owl or bird flying into the barn, causing it to appear huge in the darkness. The witness recalls already being nervous even before the encounter.