Giant Bushbaby.jpg

The Giant Bushbaby is an unknown primate of Central and West Africa (Cameroon; Côte d’Ivoire; Senegal).

It is a large galago (also known as a bushbaby) the size of a cat, with pale-gray fur.

Owen Burnham saw a Giant bushbaby accompanied by some young ones in Casamance Forest, Senegal, in June 1985. A specimen was photographed in Cameroon in 1994 by an assistant of zoologist Simon K. Bearder.

Greater galagos (Otolemur spp.) are not known in Cameroon. The largest, almost cat-sized at 15 inches in length not counting the tail, is the Silver galago (O. argentatus), only found in Kenya.

Smaller galagos, especially the Senegal galago (Galago senegalensis), which has a body length of only 6.5 inches, do occur in Cameroon.

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