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Ghost Deer
An albino deer
Mount eddy.jpg
Type Deer
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Modern day
Country United States
Habitat Mount Eddy, Northern California
Possible Population Singular

The Ghost Deer is an alleged supernatural deer said to live on Mount Eddy in Northern California.


The ghost deer is a large white elk. Its antlers have 12 points on one side and 10 on the other. It is estimated to weigh 240-250 pounds although some believe it to be an actual ghost. According to legend, many have attempted to shot at it but bullets go right through it. It is said to disappear without a trace to those that see it.


Most sightings of the ghost deer involve deer hunters sighting it and disappearing afterwards. One local hunter who witnessed it said: "I saw it clearly at dusk up on the ridge. It had 12 points on one side and 10 on the other. I shot at it but missed. Maybe it really is a ghost." Large hoof prints have also said to be found but these too stop at a certain point.