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Type Bigfoot
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Country Turkey and Georgia
Habitat Forests of the south-eastern Black Sea
Possible Population Unknown

Germakochi (also known as Ochokochi in Georgia) is a type of Bigfoot said to inhabit areas of the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey and the west coast of Georgia. The word Germakochi means "Mountain Man" in the Lazuri Language which is the language spoken by the Laz people (Germa = Mountain, Kochi = Man). Germakochi mainly lives in high forests and caves.


Germakochi is generally described as a tall, hairy, half human and half monkey creature. It has long hair and a beard. It sometimes carries a club/stick as a weapon. Some witnesses say that Germakochi is a carnivore and even eats humans. Some people use the name "the cannibal Germakochi" for it.

Many reports state that Germakochi is at least 7-8 feet tall and has very big and sharp teeth like a bear's. Its back is a little humped. It also has a lot of muscular strength.

Sometimes giant footprints can be found by local people in the woods and grunting sounds can be heard around villages. The howling of Germakochi is very loud and frightening as well.