The Genoskwa is a subspecies of Sasquatch mentioned in Native American folklore as the "Stone Giant Man". In Iroquois legend, this hairy hominid was known as "ot ne yar hed" or "ot ne yar heh", which also translates to "Stone Giant" or "Stonecoat". It is reported as Sasquatch's larger, bulkier and more aggressive cousin. It has rock hard skin, and they twist the heads of their victims until they are decapitated. It is also known to throw rocks at people. They are said to be much more aggressive than most other Sasquatch and appear to be very violent and territorial. It is about 9 through 11 feet tall and 800-1030 pounds.

The Genoskwa were said to raid Native American camps and carry away their inhabitants. The majority of these poor souls would be eaten alive in one large feast, however some would be decapitated first by means of intense head-twisting. The Genoskwa are also said to exude a horrible odor from their armpits that is described as a mixture between that of a skunk and a dead animal. Gorillas have also been known to release such body odors as a form of communication.

The term Genoskwa is a Native American term meaning "stone giants". An explanation for how the creatures got this name could be that their fur was often coarsened with dirt or mud after rolling around in it, which would later harden and look like stone or possibly an outer-layer of armor protection, possibly against arrows. With this standing as a possible theory, it could be said the Genoskwa may have been no different from the typical Sasquatch (albeit slightly different in temperament) save for the fact they were covered in mud! The descriptions of these creatures are very similar aside from the "armor" aspect of the Genoskwa species.

The Mountain Monsters team also hunts for the Stonish Giant in Harrison County, Ohio.


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