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Genderuwo or Genderuwa is a mythical creature from Java, Indonesia. It described as reddish or black skinned hairy humanoid with large and muscular body. Within Javanese mythology this creature are said to be supernatural in nature with the ability to disappear and appear at will or transform into human.


Genderuwo is described generally as a muscular hairy humanoid with reddish black skin and bulging eyes. But because of its supernatural ability, it may appear at first as dwarf hairy humanoid and transform quickly into gigantic humanoid when approached by human. It also said to have the ability to communicate with us and even transform into human to trick us. They said to possess magnificent sex drive and hypnotic skill, they seduce woman by transforming into their husband or inhabit the women uterus to gain sexual satisfaction for both itself and the women it inhabit, it can even produce human-genderuwo hybrid from this relationship. Because of this VICE described genderuwo as "great grandaddy" of obscure monster erotica genre which inspire abominations like Cum for Bigfoot.

Genderuwo sighted all over Java island, if you asked any Javanese villager chance are they might've seen one. Genderuwo form colony on various forests and mountains within Java, but they also can be found individually hiding on huge trees or bamboo forest near human habitation. Just the like the other ghost found in Indonesia they can also inhabit dark and humid places like abandoned building.


Genderuwo are sighted all over Java, but nobody cared enough to document them, most people aware where they might appear or live and move on with their lives. But some stories still appear on television and internet. Genderuwo is one of the ghost noted on the De Javaansche Geestenwereld by H.A. van Hien published in 1897 during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia.

Genderuwo sighting (In Indonesian)

Genderuwo sighting (In Indonesian)

Genderuwo sighting on a bamboo colony (appeared around 2 minutes)


Wagini (on the left) an alleged human-genderuwo hybrid that appeared on a talk show, his features are extremely different from other Indonesian



In Popular Culture

  • Genderuwo appeared on the Indonesian horror game DreadOut
  • Genderuwo appeared on HBO Asia series Halfworlds
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