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Gazeka, also called the Papuan Devil-Pig, was said to resemble a tapir or giant sloth, having a long, proboscis-like snout, and some theories suggest it may be the descendant of an extinct marsupial belonging to the family Palorchestidae.

An English traveler named K.A W. Monckton, went to the west of the British New Guinea, Mount Albert Edward, discovered the giant footprints and other signs of recent stay a monster with cloven hooves, which apparently roams the grassy plains surrounding the lake on the slopes at an altitude of about 3800 meters.

Before the departure of the current expedition nobody tried to catch one of the monsters. However, during the second attempt of the Dr. Lorenz walk to the Snowy Mountains, on the way from the North River in the Danish New Guinea is one of the members of his expedition came across a huge animal at an altitude of 2100m. Is it the same being, about which said Monckton with British territory, remains to be seen. It is now believed that no tapirs, rhinoceroses or not live in those places.

By current expedition journalists had in mind, the 1909-1911 British expedition to the south of New Guinea under the leadership of William Good fellow, and under the second attempt of Dr. Lorenz – expedition doctor Hendrik Albert Lorentz south of New Guinea (1909-1910). Lorenz was trying to get to the Snowy Mountains in 1907, but then the expedition was unsuccessful. The second attempt nearly ended sadly Lorenz fell off a cliff and broke a rib, three porters froze to death.