A gawigawen is a large six headed giant philippine mythology. It is commonly renowned for its incredible strength and mastery of gigantic weapons fitting for its size. While it has six heads, it doesn't possess six individual personalities as would be the case for some multi-headed giants. Instead it has only one distinct personality that is shared among its six heads. This trait is because of a gawigawen's unique physical structure.

A Gawigawen stands more than 18 feet tall and weighs about 6000 pounds.

While a gawigawen has six heads, it actually has one brain. This brain of which is not stored in any of the heads but instead inside the large hump that the heads rest on. The gawigawen's hump is actually a large bone reinforced container that encases and protects its entire brain. It is basically like a large skull. The six heads of a gawigawen are therefore not entirely heads but are more like external body parts that relay senses to the brain. They are in essence kinda like the eyes on a regular person's head.

As a race, gawigawens are relatively neutral. Individuals take sides for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from the noble, such as glory and recognition, to the earthly, such as a harem and a big bag of cash.

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