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Gator Man
Type Reptilian Humanoid
First Sighting 1973
Last Sighting 1977
Country USA
Habitat New Jersey & New York
Possible Population Unknown

Not much is known about the elusive New Jersey Gator Man. We do know that during the summer of 1973, the residents of New Jersey’s Newton-Lafayette area were plagued by what eyewitnesses described as a large, humanoid alligator.


A local journalist who covered the story compared the creature to an enduring Native American legend about a giant, man sized fish that could never be caught. Perhaps what makes the New Jersey Gator Man stand out the most amongst the other Lizard Men is the fact that its existence was publicly acknowledged by a state employee. Young men from the tribe kaningara make "crocodile armor" in their body by a ritual where they get scars that look like a crocodile's armor. However, this is probably just a coincidence.

The statement came in 1977, when New York City Conservation Naturalist, Alfred Hulstruck reported that the state’s Southern tier was the apparent home of “a scaled, man like creature which appears at dusk from the red algae infested waters to forage among the fern and moss covered uplands. Although this is the only “official” comment in regards to the New Jersey Gator Man, the simple fact that a city official publicly acknowledged the creature existence says something for its credibility.


No physical evidence of the New Jersey Gator Man has ever been brought to light, however eyewitnesses reports and a public acknowledgment from a city official votes well for the existence of this creature. During the summer of 1973, multiple people saw a humanoid alligator.


An unknown species of large alligator, or a perhaps an evolved dinosaur or pristichampus rollinatii.