Freak Encounters is about unwitting victims that believe they are joining an investigation or research project or signing up for a job, only to come face to face with some of the most fearsome creatures of cryptozoology, such as the Ahool and a wild man. However they are not actual cryptids but people in suits or props. It's similar to the the show Fear Factor.



Be careful who you work for. "Freak Encounters" lays that lesson on thick by staging run-ins with unexplained creatures. Ever see the Mothman while working for a highway crew, or how about coming into contact with the Bigfoot-like Genoskwa while filming a wildlife documentary? Each episode highlights one such encounter, with the catch being there is an unwitting participant who was "hired" by these companies just in time to see the freaky beings up close.


Season Episodes Original airdates
Season premiere Season finale
1 16 October 19, 2010 December 21, 2010

1. Ahool (Oct 19, 2010)

2. Werewolf (Oct 26, 2010)

3. Wild Man (Nov 2, 2010)

4. Mothman (Nov 9, 2010)

5. Area 52 (Nov 16, 2010)

6. Genoskwa (Nov 16, 2010)

7. Tunnel Monster (Nov 23, 2010) featuring the Toronto Tunnel Monster

8. Giant Rat (Nov 23, 2010)

9. Jersey Devil (Nov 30, 2010)

10. Monster Spider (Nov 30, 2010) featuring J'ba FoFi

11. Vampire Virus (Dec 7, 2010)

12. Death Worm (Dec 7, 2010) featuring the Mongolian Death Worm

13. Pukwudgie (Dec 14, 2010)

14. Mega Snake (Dec 14, 2010) featuring Colin's Mega Snake

15. Lizard Swamp Man (Dec 21, 2010)

16. Saurians (Dec 21, 2010)

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